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Value Added Tax (VAT) was implemented by the United Arab Emirates on 1 January 2018.

As VAT is a self-assessed consumption tax, businesses must exercise duty of care to ensure:

  • Understanding of VAT

  • Registration with the Federal Tax Authority – where required

  • Submission of complete and accurate VAT returns

  • Compliance through robust accounting systems and proper record keeping

  • Pricing transparency

  • Inclusion of VAT clauses in Contracts

  • Appropriate format of Invoices

By implementing effective and efficient corporate and transaction structures, businesses would be better able to manage Treasury Functions, understand VAT implications to Cash Flow, and rationalize Compliance Costs (staff, irrecoverable VAT, and advisors).

We are pleased to support you through the transition to becoming VAT compliant and to assist you with VAT accounting, structuring and filing going forward.

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